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Muddy's Tavern Events Calendar

Karaoke Nights in November 4th, 11th, and 18th -

The fun never ends here at Muddy's! Bringing you something to do pretty much every day of the week.

Karaoke Masters! - Saturday November 18th, 8pm to Midnight!

Whether you sing like an angel or...well, not. Come sing with us regardless, it's all for fun!

Double Barreled November 24th - 7-10pm No Cover

Let's give the guys a big welcome to Muddy's! Double Barreled kills it with Country Rock music from new to old covers. They will be Rockin' the House!

Karaoke Nights in December 8 pm - Midnight

Get your caroling fix here where it is warm. Why go door to door, just sit back, relax with a drink and some grub and sing 'til the elves get home. Or we kick you out.....either way it will be a good time.

Tom Atkins Band December 8th - 7-10pm No Cover

Ending the year with another great band! If you haven't seen them here, then you haven't seen them!

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